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League: All
Team: All
BatPA between 500 and 99999
BatOBP between 0 and .240
Ordered by Year

  Name Year Age Team Batting PABatting OBP
1.Andres Thomas 198925ATL5710.228
2.Hal Lanier 196825SFN5180.222
3.Hal Lanier 196724SFN5570.239
4.Jim Levey 193326SLA5670.237
5.Hobe Ferris 190934SLA5830.232
6.Fred Raymer 190529BSN5220.232
7.Bobby Lowe 190438DET/PIT5410.236
8.Hunter Hill 190425SLA/WS15540.236
9.Bill Hallman 190134CLE/PHI5250.238
10.Billy O'Brien 188828WS85370.238
11.Harry Lyons 188822SL45220.230
12.Milt Scott 188625BL25150.239
13.Bill Kuehne 188627PT15020.237

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