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BatPA between 263 and 99999
Ordered by BatTTO

  Name Year Age Team Batting PATTO
1.Jack Cust 2007OAK5070.582
2.Mark McGwire 2000SLN3210.579
3.Jack Cust 2008OAK5980.570
4.Mark McGwire 1998SLN6810.568
5.Adam Dunn 2012CHA6490.567
6.Mark McGwire 2001SLN3640.558
7.Jack Clark 1987SLN5580.556
8.Mark Reynolds 2010ARI5960.547
9.Dave Nicholson 1964CHA3500.546
10.Ryan Howard 2007PHI6480.545
11.Jim Thome 2001CLE6440.536
12.Rob Deer 1991DET5390.536
13.Jay Buhner 1999SEA3430.534
14.Melvin Nieves 1997DET4050.533
15.Dave Kingman 1973SFN3510.533
16.Cody Ransom 2012ARI/MIL2820.532
17.Chris Carter 2013HOU5850.532
18.Rob Deer 1987ML45660.530
19.Adam Dunn 2011CHA4960.530
20.Russell Branyan 2001CLE3610.526
21.Jim Thome 1999CLE6290.526
22.Rob Deer 1986ML45460.520
23.Russell Branyan 2002CLE/CIN4350.520
24.Mark Reynolds 2009ARI6620.518
25.Barry Bonds 2001SFN6640.517
26.Fred McGriff 1987TOR3560.517
27.Ray Lankford 2000SLN4720.517
28.Barry Bonds 2004SFN6170.515
29.Mark McGwire 1999SLN6610.513
30.Adam Dunn 2004CIN6810.512
31.Jim Thome 2002CLE6130.511
32.Mark McGwire 1996OAK5480.511
33.Jack Clark 1989SDN5930.511
34.Adam Dunn 2006CIN6830.507
35.Carlos Pena 2009TBA5700.507
36.Dan Uggla 2013ATL5370.503
37.Mickey Tettleton 1990BAL5590.503
38.Jay Buhner 1997SEA6650.502
39.Adam Dunn 2008CIN/ARI6510.501
40.Russell Branyan 2006TBA/SDN2820.500
41.Dave Nicholson 1963CHA5200.500
42.Jonny Gomes 2012OAK3330.498
43.Jack Clark 1990SDN4420.498
44.Mark Reynolds 2011BAL6200.497
45.Adam Dunn 2009WAS6680.496
46.Jimmy Wynn 1969HOU6530.495
47.Jack Cust 2009OAK6120.495
48.Jim Thome 2009LAN/CHA4340.495
49.Ryan Howard 2006PHI7040.493
50.Adam Dunn 2013CHA6070.493
51.Jim Thome 2007CHA5360.493
52.Mike Napoli 2012TEX4170.492
53.Ray Lankford 2001SDN/SLN4590.492
54.Jim Thome 2010MIN3400.491
55.Mike Napoli 2013BOS5780.490
56.Jared Sandberg 2002TBA4010.489
57.Jack Cust 2010OAK4250.489
58.Carlos Pena 2005DET2950.488
59.Mike Schmidt 1973PHI4430.488
60.Jim Thome 1997CLE6270.488
61.Juan Francisco 2013ATL/MIL3850.488
62.Frank Fernandez 1969NYA2980.487
63.Jim Thome 2003PHI6980.487
64.Tony Solaita 1975KCA2750.487
65.Bernie Carbo 1977BOS2760.486
66.Jeremy Giambi 2002OAK/PHI3970.486
67.Jim Thome 2006CHA6100.485
68.Mark Bellhorn 2005BOS/NYA3550.485
69.Jim Edmonds 2000SLN6430.485
70.Adam Dunn 2010WAS6480.485
71.Adam Dunn 2007CIN6320.484
72.Mark McGwire 1997OAK/SLN6570.484
73.Adam Dunn 2003CIN4690.484
74.Jim Thome 1998CLE5370.484
75.Bo Jackson 1987KCA4340.484
76.Mike Napoli 2006LAA3250.483
77.Mark Reynolds 2008ARI6130.483
78.Mark McGwire 1995OAK4220.483
79.Carlos Pena 2008TBA6070.483
80.Chris Davis 2013BAL6730.481
81.Adam Dunn 2005CIN6710.480
82.Carlos Pena 2012TBA6000.480
83.Cecil Fielder 1990DET6730.480
84.Carlos Pena 2011CHN6060.479
85.Jim Edmonds 2004SLN6120.479
86.Adam Dunn 2002CIN6760.479
87.Rob Deer 1992DET4480.478
88.Mickey Tettleton 1994DET4440.477
89.Jim Thome 2000CLE6840.477
90.Dean Palmer 1991TEX3040.477
91.Gorman Thomas 1979ML46680.476
92.Barry Bonds 2002SFN6120.475
93.Gorman Thomas 1986SEA/ML43770.475
94.Troy Glaus 2000ANA6780.475
95.Jim Thome 1996CLE6360.475
96.Carlos Pena 2007TBA6120.475
97.Brett Wallace 2013HOU2850.474
98.Jose Canseco 1990OAK5630.474
99.Dick Allen 1969PHI5060.474
100.Mark Reynolds 2012BAL5380.474

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