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BatHR between 25 and 99999
Ordered by BatHRBBH

  Name Year Age Team Batting HRBatting HBatting BBHR/(H+BB)
1.Matt Williams 1994SFN43119330.28
2.Mark McGwire 2001SLN2956560.26
3.Dave Kingman 1976NYN37113280.26
4.Glenallen Hill 2000CHN/NYA2788190.25
5.Marcus Thames 2008DET2576240.25
6.Dave Kingman 1979CHN48153450.24
7.Sammy Sosa 1996CHN40136340.24
8.Wily Mo Pena 2004CIN2687220.24
9.Dave Kingman 1975NYN36116340.24
10.Johnny Mize 1950NYA2576290.24
11.Sammy Sosa 1999CHN63180780.24
12.Roger Maris 1961NYA61159940.24
13.Sammy Sosa 1998CHN66198730.24
14.Javy Lopez 2003ATL43150330.23
15.Joe Adcock 1956ML138132320.23
16.Andruw Jones 2005ATL51154640.23
17.Mark McGwire 1999SLN651451330.23
18.Mark McGwire 1997OAK/SLN581481010.23
19.Jose Canseco 1998TOR46138650.23
20.Tony Armas 1983BOS36125290.23
21.Juan Gonzalez 1993TEX46166370.23
22.Juan Gonzalez 1992TEX43152350.23
23.Jesse Barfield 1983TOR2798220.23
24.Bob Horner 1980ATL35124270.23
25.Andre Dawson 1987CHN49178320.23
26.Dave Kingman 1986OAK35118330.23
27.Ken Griffey 1998SEA56180760.22
28.Mark McGwire 2000SLN3272760.22
29.Juan Gonzalez 1997TEX42158330.22
30.Harmon Killebrew 1963MIN45133720.22
31.Mark McGwire 1998SLN701521620.22
32.Tony Clark 1996DET2794290.22
33.Juan Gonzalez 1996TEX47170450.22
34.Ron Kittle 1985CHA2687310.22
35.Jose Bautista 2010TOR541481000.22
36.Rudy York 1937DET35115410.22
37.Juan Gonzalez 1995TEX27104170.22
38.Hank Aaron 1973ATL40118680.22
39.Mark McGwire 1995OAK3987880.22
40.Rob Deer 1992DET3297510.22
41.Gus Zernial 1955KC130105300.22
42.Jay Buhner 1995SEA40123600.22
43.Barry Bonds 2001SFN731561770.22
44.Chris Davis 2013BAL53167720.22
45.Dave Kingman 1982NYN37109590.22
46.Dick Stuart 1963BOS42160440.21
47.Alex Rodriguez 2002TEX57187870.21
48.Ryan Howard 2008PHI48153810.21
49.Mark McGwire 1987OAK49161710.21
50.Tony Batista 2000TOR41163350.21
51.Marcus Thames 2006DET2689370.21
52.Ken Griffey 1997SEA56185760.21
53.Mike Stanton 2012MIA37130460.21
54.Willie McCovey 1963SFN44158500.21
55.Willie Stargell 1971PIT48151830.21
56.Dave Kingman 1977NYA/CAL/SDN/NYN2697280.21
57.Alex Rodriguez 1999SEA42143560.21
58.Wally Post 1956CIN36134370.21
59.Tony Armas 1984BOS43171320.21
60.Mike Jacobs 2008FLO32118360.21
61.Willie Mays 1965SFN52177760.21
62.Ron Kittle 1984CHA32100490.21
63.Jose Valentin 2004CHA3097430.21
64.Jeromy Burnitz 2003LAN/NYN31111350.21
65.Mark McGwire 1996OAK521321160.21
66.George Bell 1987TOR47188390.21
67.Sammy Sosa 2001CHN641891160.21
68.Greg Vaughn 1998SDN50156790.21
69.Orlando Cepeda 1961SFN46182390.21
70.Wilin Rosario 2012COL28107250.21
71.Tony Clark 2005ARI30106370.21
72.Reggie Sanders 2001ARI33116460.20
73.Harmon Killebrew 1964MIN49156930.20
74.Henry Rodriguez 1996MON36147370.20
75.Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2012BOS2590380.20
76.Boog Powell 1964BAL39123760.20
77.Prince Fielder 2007MIL50165900.20
78.Ken Griffey 1996SEA49165780.20
79.Ryan Howard 2006PHI581821080.20
80.Hank Greenberg 1946DET44145800.20
81.Ken Griffey 1994SEA40140560.20
82.Harmon Killebrew 1962MIN481341060.20
83.Brady Anderson 1996BAL50172760.20
84.Sammy Sosa 2004CHN35121560.20
85.Lee May 1971CIN39154420.20
86.Curtis Granderson 2012NYA43138750.20
87.Cecil Fielder 1990DET51159900.20
88.Andres Galarraga 1996COL47190400.20
89.Javy Lopez 1998ATL34139300.20
90.Hank Greenberg 1938DET581751190.20
91.George Foster 1977CIN52197610.20
92.Ron Kittle 1983CHA35132390.20
93.Albert Belle 1995CLE50173730.20
94.Ernie Banks 1955CHN44176450.20
95.Gus Zernial 1957KC127103340.20
96.Greg Vaughn 1999CIN45135850.20
97.Nelson Cruz 2009TEX33120490.20
98.Hank Aaron 1971ATL47162710.20
99.Paul Sorrento 1995CLE2576510.20
100.Richie Sexson 2001MIL45162600.20

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