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  Name Year Age Team Batting HRBatting BB
1.Adam Jones 201327BAL3325
2.Adrian Beltre 201132TEX3225
3.Alfonso Soriano 200731CHN3331
4.Ryan Braun 200723MIL3429
5.Joe Crede 200628CHA3028
6.Alfonso Soriano 200529TEX3633
7.Tony Batista 200430MON3226
8.Jose Guillen 200327CIN/OAK3124
9.Javy Lopez 200332ATL4333
10.Alfonso Soriano 200226NYA3923
11.Tony Batista 200026TOR4135
12.Brad Fullmer 200025TOR3230
13.Garret Anderson 200028ANA3524
14.Geoff Jenkins 200025MIL3433
15.Ivan Rodriguez 199927TEX3524
16.Vinny Castilla 199830COL4640
17.Nomar Garciaparra 199824BOS3533
18.Javy Lopez 199827ATL3430
19.Juan Gonzalez 199727TEX4233
20.Vinny Castilla 199628COL4035
21.Juan Gonzalez 199626TEX4745
22.Andres Galarraga 199635COL4740
23.Sammy Sosa 199627CHN4034
24.Vinny Castilla 199527COL3230
25.Dante Bichette 199531COL4022
26.Andres Galarraga 199433COL3119
27.Matt Williams 199428SFN4333
28.Juan Gonzalez 199323TEX4637
29.Matt Williams 199327SFN3827
30.Juan Gonzalez 199222TEX4335
31.Andre Dawson 199136CHN3122
32.Matt Williams 199125SFN3433
33.Joe Carter 198727CLE3227
34.Cory Snyder 198724CLE3331
35.George Bell 198727TOR4739
36.Andre Dawson 198732CHN4932
37.Dave Kingman 198637OAK3533
38.Tony Armas 198430BOS4332
39.Tony Armas 198329BOS3629
40.Tony Armas 198026OAK3529
41.Bob Horner 198022ATL3527
42.Bob Horner 197921ATL3322
43.Dave Kingman 197930CHN4845
44.Butch Hobson 197725BOS3027
45.Dave Kingman 197627NYN3728
46.Dave Kingman 197526NYN3634
47.Ernie Banks 196837CHN3227
48.Joe Pepitone 196625NYA3129
49.Felipe Alou 196631ATL3124
50.Mack Jones 196526ML13129
51.Ernie Banks 196231CHN3730
52.Dick Stuart 196128PIT3534
53.Orlando Cepeda 196123SFN4639
54.Joe Adcock 195628ML13832
55.Walker Cooper 194732NY13524
56.Hal Trosky 193623CLE4236
57.Al Simmons 192927PHA3431

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